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Our Booking PolicyE Komo Mai (Welcome) Please arrive 5 minutes early for your appointment to fill out Intake forms and to allow Assessment time. I am currently receiving Cash, Check and Venmo payments for Services. Gratuity is greatly appreciated. Mahalo, (Thanks).



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Offering Quality and Customized Certified Massage Therapy and Holistic Health Lifestyle Counseling. Influenced by the Spirit of Aloha. The mission of FourWings is to Encourage a Balance of Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual Holistic Health with each client through Lifestyle Counseling, Certified Massage Therapy, Fitness Coaching and Inspirational Music (Sound healing). Hele mai a ku'u aku eka akahi e nalu ka maikai loa'a Maluhia ke'iala
(Come and relax to the gentle waves of wellness and find peace.)

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92 reviews
  • christa·

    wonderful experience! Could not be happier!

  • Judith Ivey-Gardner·

    Sherri has again worked her magic on my slowly healing body. She is intuitive in her massage and I am especially enjoying the experience with Essential Oils. Thank you.

  • Susan Kolb·

    Sherri is a true healer.

  • Judith Ivey-Gardner·

    Sherri has been an integral part of my healing process. With 4 breaks in my Tibia and Fibula, you can imagine how slow this has been. Now in PT, I am needing Sherri even more. Thank you for your time and healing touch.

  • B. Thomas·

    Well I gotta say Sheri has once again worked her healing magic 🌸 I was recently diagnosed with arthritis in my lower spine so when I went to Sheri she went right to work. I forgot what exactly was used but she used oils, sound bowls while also working on key points on my feat and then at the end I used the red light on my back then the most amazing feel good snack 😋😋and I gotta say I left feeling tremendously better and feeling hopeful that I can overcome the issues with my back and be stronger than ever 💪🏻💪🏻. I’ll never stop recommending Sheri and the wonderful work she does ❤️

  • Judith Ivey-Gardner·

    Thank you Sherri for easing my discomforts. This week I had a very painful area in my upper back. Sherri not only identified the problem, but was able to offer much needed relief. I especially enjoy the Essential oils she incorporates throughout the massage!

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